ARGHHHH! Simple problem I'm sure.

Robert Dahlem Robert.Dahlem at
Mon Nov 6 14:51:34 GMT 2000


On Mon, 6 Nov 2000 08:41:07 -0500, King, Dwayne wrote:

>>Are you _really_ sure samba.pwd is the right file in the right 
>>directory? Does it have correct entries?

>You were right on the money there.  Didn't know about that.  So I 
>recreated the pw file, in the appropriate directory, and the correct 
>entries are in there.  Additionally, I have verified that all the 
>UID's match those in /etc/passwd

>I tried clearing out the logs, and then trying exactly one login.  
>What I got was the following repeated exactly 30 times:
>[2000/11/06 08:36:05, 0] passdb/smbpass.c:(179)
>  getsmbfilepwent: uids in the smbpasswd file must not be negative.

This is due to nobody's UID set to -2.

>[2000/11/06 08:36:05, 1] smbd/password.c:(511)
>  Account for user 'dking' was disabled.

You need to do 'smbpasswd -e dking'. This will enable the account.

>Upon checking, the UID for nobody is -2 in /etc/passwd   Is this 

This is likely to be how your system comes out of the box. So call it
"normal" if you like to. :-)

>Can I change this to any positive integer and not affect other system
>things?  Any signigicance to the number 30?

I would not mess around with the nobody account. Add a new user
smbguest and care for a positive UID. Try to log in as that user: it
should have a valid home directory and so on. Now disable/lock the
account, your passwd command surely has an option for this. On my
system this would be 'passwd -l smbguest'.

Add the user to smbpasswd with 'smbpasswd -a smbguest', make sure it is
enabled: 'smbpasswd -e smbguest'.

Then add 'guest account = smbguest' to the [global] section of your

Try again and report on the outcome. :-)


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