Samba Children aren't dying, fighting instead

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Wed May 31 18:18:23 GMT 2000

Jeff wrote:
| Things work well for a little while, but as smbd starts spawning
| subprocesses, sometimes 10-15 for a single user, seriously slowing
| network response	
| Another side effect is that MS Office stops working, and eventually 
| the server "disappears" from the network.  Killing off the obsolete 
| processes solves the problem

	Ok, you have clients disconnecting for some reason.
	As a palliative, set 
		deadtime = 10
		keepalive = 3600
	which will schedule a check every 10 minutes for
	a dead client, followed by the child process cleaning
	up.  Decrease the time as required.

	Look at the logs and see if you can see a sequence of
	connect/diconenct/connect, and see if you can see an
	obvious reason.

	Reasons we've seen in the past include timeouts, possibly
	die to a connectivity problem, shredded packets, due
	to a broken hub/router, and other client or network

	Samba users: should there be a dead time default? if
	so, how much and why?
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