Samba and DHCP

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I experienced something similar once, and I *believe* that you might need a
PDC (or at least some sort of DC) in each subnet to get resolution via
hostname (or, more exactly, "windows machine name"). I forget why this needs
to be done however.
One temporary solution is to access the boxes via IP address instead of
hostname... So instead of accessing  \\mybox <file://\\mybox>  , you would
access \\ <file://\\>  (assuming that was the IP for the
machine called "mybox").

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Hi folks,
  I recently changed an NT client from a static IP address to
a DHCP address in a new subnet.  Now I cannot reach all
3 Samba servers that I have.  Any idea why?  
One clue I have is that the machine is now not visible via
DNS as it has been fed a dynamic address.  Do I need to
use Dynamic DNS for this to work?

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