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Wed May 31 16:56:50 GMT 2000

Good Afternoon.

I think your question is a "how long is a piece of string" type, but let me
take a shot at it.

First, if the data base you are running is a native windows database, and you
have the data file(s) on a samba share, then I think your data integrity is
seriously endangered. The server process should always be local to the data

That said, there are a number of DBMS products that will place the server
process on linux machines, and serve windows clients. Oracle and Progress
spring to mind instantly, and there are a number of others. If you would like
to peruse this line on more detail, please feel free to contact me off-line.

Matt Neimeyer wrote:

> I'm using Samba to allow my users to store their database on a Redhat 6.1
> file server.
> I've got some who want to shift to using Linux instead of Windows but the
> DBMS they use is not supported (yet... I'm told) on Linux and I'm afraid
> that multi-user access on different OS's are going to screw things all to
> high heck anyways...
> But that being said...
> Are there existing DBMS's out there that can co-exist on Windows and Linux
> using Samba as the link between both worlds? So that all clients can share
> the data?
> Any advice? And if this isn't the right place to ask is there anywhere that
> is better? I was guessing Samba was the place to start since that's how
> "both worlds" talk...
> Matt

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