Peter Samuelson peter at
Mon May 29 23:37:13 GMT 2000

[Pham, Khue D <KP100012 at>]
> I am currently running SAMBA 1.9.18p and want to upgrade to the new
> 2.0.7.  Everything is working fine (e.g. ftping, compiling,
> installing, etc.).  However, with the old version we are able to
> share a drive PUBLICLY for those who doesn't have an account on our
> UNIX box and be able to use it on NT/95/98 BUT with the new version
> it always asking for a password ( Initially we don't want to give an
> account for everyone ).

What is your "security =" setting?  If you don't have one, be aware
that the default changed with 2.0 from `share' to `user'.


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