Pham, Khue D KP100012 at
Mon May 29 17:30:34 GMT 2000


I am currently running SAMBA 1.9.18p and want to upgrade to the new 2.0.7.
Everything is working fine (e.g. ftping, compiling, installing, etc.).
However, with the old version we are able to share a drive PUBLICLY for
those who doesn't have an account on our UNIX box and be able to use it on
NT/95/98 BUT with the new version it always asking for a password (
Initially we don't want to give an account for everyone ).  Do I miss
anything in the smb.conf file to set this up with the new version ? (
Basically I kept the old configuration for the new upgrade version ).  At
the bottom line, all I really need is to share a drive publicly so that
everyone can see and use it.

Thanks so much for all the help in advance.


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