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Glenn Valenta glenn at
Tue May 30 00:05:04 GMT 2000

Andrew Bogecho wrote:
> Mon May 29 13:21:39 EDT 2000
> Hello Andrew Tridgell,
> I just wanted to tell you thank you for creating samba. After reading
> some of the documentation I was able to easily set it up. My windows
> users are very happy. I am very happy.
> Thank you.
> Andrew.

I too, wish to thank the Samba team. 

I could not express (in few words) how Samba on Linux has changed my life. 
After running Samba for two years with hardly any problems, my upgrade to the
latest Samba went smoothl,y installing in under an hour.  For enjoyment, I now
watch all the other windose people on our campus doing the "reboot shuffle",
week after week..... That use to be me!

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