Locale support in samba 2.0.7

Rasmus Bøg Hansen moffe at diku.dk
Mon May 29 11:02:30 GMT 2000


I recently installed samba 2.0.7 on my redhat 6.1 system (i586) using gcc
2.95.2. Seems to work fine, but people on my local net have a ridiculous
idea, that workgroups should be named with a-ring (a danish letter). It
shows up as a non-printable character.

I added "client code page = 850" and "character set = ISO8859-1" to
smb.conf, but now nmbd cannot find the workgroup (although it should be
local master browser and thus should create it).

Then I added "valid chars = æ:Æ ø:Ø a:Å" to support the danish
letters. However now the samba server does not have a browse list althouh
it is local master (and domain master). I tracked it down to smbd/ipc.c
about line 1100 (in get_server_infi I think), where it shows up, that the
request is a non-translated character (a printable a-ring), but the
internal representation of the netBios name is a translated non-printable
character. It seems like smbclient sends the request without translating
the character. Also nmblookup cannot translate the character and thus
cannot find the workgroup.

When I remove the "valid chars..." line, smbclient works fine, but
nmbd does not work. I have tried every combination of the three options
enabled/disabled, but either it works but with non-printable characters or
it does nok work with printable characters.

All this is about requests from the local machine. I do not have
access to a machine, which can access the samba server from a
remote host, but requests from outside seems to work fine (only
win9X/WinNT clients).

I hope, that it is not I who have misunderstood something...

Rasmus Bøg Hansen
moffe at diku.dk

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