SAMBA digest 2537 /Samba printer support creates odd files

Axel Neumann amn at
Mon May 29 07:32:03 GMT 2000

Mike Brodbelt wrote:

>I'm using Samba 2.0.7, and I've got a small problem hwich has been
>annoying me for a while now. My clients are all NT, and print via Samba.
>I'm continually getting files like this created:-


>Does anyone know why they appear, and how I can get rid of them?


Welcome to the club.

This was introduced in Samba 2.03 with the "nt smb support" parameter. Due 
to the fact that no one has fixed it it must be a feature ;-) not a bug.

These files (Ne00:, Ne01:, Ne02: and so on) are always created if the above 
parameter is set to YES (the default) and an application has opened a file 
on the Samba and is printing to a network printer.

How to get rid? Either switch the parameter to off or use a small cron 
script that removes the files automatically. Be carefully these files are 
looking differently from the UNIX side.

Best regards,

Axel Neumann

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