Cindy Pedersen pedercyn at
Wed May 24 02:20:52 GMT 2000

Good Evening!

    I am using Samba 2.0.5a on an Ultra10 Server running Solaris 7 as a
file server for NT 4.0 (sp4) machines.  I just upgraded from Solaris 6.2
and Samba 1.9,17p4.     I do not have much experience with UNIX but 
learning as I hit many walls!

    My problem is with performance.  With the older version of Samba,
the client systems could PLOT GRAPHIC DATA much faster.    We are using
home grown software that can open many files from the server and the
data would come up the instant you request information.  Now with the new
version of Samba - the more files open, the slower the response time.  

    I would appreciate any suggestions.

Cindy Pedersen


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