Postscript Printing Problems.

Chris Hardy chris at
Sun May 21 22:26:00 GMT 2000

Urban Widmark wrote:
> This may be a stupid question but does the 4MP driver generate postscript?

There are two diffrent drivers for Win, one with Postscript, one
without, I've tried both, no luck (right now it's set to no postscript)

> I assume that (unless the 4MP is a postscript printer) on the linux side
> you have a printcap that runs a script to convert the postscript input to
> PCL or something. But if you feed that conversion non-postscript it gets
> confused.

The 4MP is a postscript.  For the most part, when I print the windows
test page, I get the windows graphic, and then some way oversized
letters, plusses and dollar signs.  It's really starting to frustrate

> I think there are HP xyz drivers under windows that generate postscript
> and those who don't. Well, at least some of them have PostScript after
> their name (who knows what they actually do).
> /Urban

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