Postscript Printing Problems.

Stephen F. Bosch stephen at
Sun May 21 20:38:29 GMT 2000

Chris Hardy wrote:
> Urban Widmark wrote:
> >
> > This may be a stupid question but does the 4MP driver generate postscript?
> >
> There are two diffrent drivers for Win, one with Postscript, one
> without, I've tried both, no luck (right now it's set to no postscript)
> > I assume that (unless the 4MP is a postscript printer) on the linux side
> > you have a printcap that runs a script to convert the postscript input to
> > PCL or something. But if you feed that conversion non-postscript it gets
> > confused.
> The 4MP is a postscript.  For the most part, when I print the windows
> test page, I get the windows graphic, and then some way oversized
> letters, plusses and dollar signs.  It's really starting to frustrate
> me.

If neither driver will work then you should try a generic PostScript
driver, like the one for the Apple Laserwriter 380.

Tell me, what happens when you specify a generic PostScript printer on
the Linux box?


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