What client software do I need?

Peter Samuelson peter at cadcamlab.org
Thu May 18 04:31:26 GMT 2000

[ANGEL BUGARIN <ANGEL.BUGARIN at mail.sprint.com>]
> TEST 5:-------run the command "nmblookup -B ACLIENT '*'"You should
> get the PCs IP address back. If you don't then the clientsoftware on
> the PC isn't installed correctly, or isn't started, or yougot the
> name of the PC wrong. If ACLIENT doesn't resolve via DNS then use the
> IP address of theclient in the above test.
> Exactly what client software do I need to install/configure my NT?

It's called simply "Client for Microsoft Networks".

Right-click on Network Neighborhood, hit "Properties", go to the
"Services" tab.  Make sure you have "Client for Microsoft Networks".
Then go to "Protocols" tab and make sure you have "TCP/IP" installed
and configured correctly.  ("Ask Your Network Administrator." [tm])
For good measure, you might hit the "Bindings" tab and make sure that
the protocol and service have an active binding.

Most of this gets set up pretty much by default on a typical NT
install, so your problem is probably elsewhere.  See if the two
machines can communicate in other ways (`ping', `telnet') and if
they're in the same broadcast domain (`arp').  If not, you have TCP/IP
problems, not Samba problems.


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