Antigen found =*.reg file - Another hit.

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Thu May 18 04:15:36 GMT 2000

Well now I know why the list server has been busy.  I have received a report
of from one user that was not getting any response to their subscription
request.  Also it has been a few days since I last saw a samba at

I wonder how many of these are in the system:

> Antigen for Exchange found nt4_plainpassword.reg matching =*.reg file
> filter.
> The file is currently Deleted.  The message, "SAMBA on ALPHA OpenVMS 7.1
> NT4", was
> sent from and was discovered in Anthony Tulk\Deleted
> located at hydro/hobart/EXCHH01.

Strong hint:

If you must place attachments that are plain text type in a mail message,
make sure that they have the extension of .TXT regardless of what extension
they originally had.

This is so that they do not do cause Microsoft programs and the Anti-virus
programs to mistake them for something they are not.

Better yet, just paste them on the message instead of attaching them.

If they are more than a page long, find an FTP site to post them at, and
just list the URL for it.

wb8tyw at

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