Some computers can't connect to Samba

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Sat May 6 09:24:59 GMT 2000

Remember that Win9x will only connect as the current user-name, so the
usernames must (between client and server) match or be mapped with the
samba map file.

Tron Thomas wrote:
> I have been put in charge of an Intel Linux machine that is running
> Samba.
> Most of the people on our team are able to connect to the server without
> any problems, but a few of have difficulties.
> I, myself, am running NT 4.0 with service pack three.  When I first boot
> up my NT computer, if I need to access the Samba server, it will ask me
> for my user name and password.  I have to enter my user name for the
> Linux machine (which is different from my normal network account name)
> and my Samba password to get the connection to work.  After that I can
> connect to the server without any trouble.  I don't understand why I
> have to go through with this, because there is a colleague of mine
> running Windows 2000 who doesn't have to go through any of this to make
> the connection.
> We also have a person on the team running Windows 98 who is unable to
> connect to the server.  Whenever she tries, she is asked for a password
> and no matter what she enters for the password she cannot get
> connected.  Most everyone else on the team who is running Windows 98 can
> connect to the server just fine.
> Does anyone have any suggestions about why we might be having these
> problems?
> Please reply directly to me as I am not currently subscribed to this
> mailing list.

Andrew Bartlett
abartlet at

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