Some computers can't connect to Samba

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Fri May 5 18:59:27 GMT 2000

Tron Thomas wrote:
> I, myself, am running NT 4.0 with service pack three.  When 
> I first boot up my NT computer, if I need to access 
> the Samba server, it will ask me for my user name and password.  

If your psasword on the linux box is different than you windows
nt domain password, you wil get prompted.  If you are using 
plain text psaswords, you will always get prompted.

> We also have a person on the team running Windows 98 who 
> is unable toconnect to the server.  Whenever she tries, 
> she is asked for a password and no matter what she enters 
> for the password she cannot get connected.  Most everyone 
> else on the team who is running Windows 98 can
> connect to the server just fine.

You will either need to enable password encryption in Samba
(ENCRYPTION.txt) or enable lain text passwords on the Windows 98 client

All these comments are based on sketchy details of your setup.
Will need more information to provide more detailed answers.

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