Some computers can't connect to Samba

Tron Thomas tron.thomas at
Fri May 5 18:48:41 GMT 2000

I have been put in charge of an Intel Linux machine that is running

Most of the people on our team are able to connect to the server without
any problems, but a few of have difficulties.

I, myself, am running NT 4.0 with service pack three.  When I first boot
up my NT computer, if I need to access the Samba server, it will ask me
for my user name and password.  I have to enter my user name for the
Linux machine (which is different from my normal network account name)
and my Samba password to get the connection to work.  After that I can
connect to the server without any trouble.  I don't understand why I
have to go through with this, because there is a colleague of mine
running Windows 2000 who doesn't have to go through any of this to make
the connection.

We also have a person on the team running Windows 98 who is unable to
connect to the server.  Whenever she tries, she is asked for a password
and no matter what she enters for the password she cannot get
connected.  Most everyone else on the team who is running Windows 98 can
connect to the server just fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions about why we might be having these

Please reply directly to me as I am not currently subscribed to this
mailing list.

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