Process per share control.

Weldon S Godfrey 3 weldon at
Fri May 5 13:07:13 GMT 2000

I tried it and I thought it did it.  I saw different processes for each
user (coming from NT terminal server).  Although I think after I upgraded
the samba (from 2.0.4 to 2.0.7), it started back with everyone on the same
process.  I used the option "nt smb support = no".  I noticed in the man
pages for 2.0.7 it says "nt support = no"...but using that option didn't
do anything (smbstatus complains that it is an unknown option and was
being ignored).  I am still using the "nt smb support = no" option.

I guess the final result is, I would like to have, each user coming from
NT Terminal Server to have its own process.  I tried using and not using
the registry entry suggested in the samba docs directory with no luck.



On 3 May 2000, Sven Rudolph wrote:

> Weldon S Godfrey 3 <weldon at> writes:
> > A long time ago, and I could be mistaken, I thought samba could be
> > configured so that instead of a smbd process per user/machine it would
> > spawn a process per share/user/machine.  If it still can, could someone
> > point me in the right direction?
> See below, including side effects ...
> 	Sven
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> We use Samba 2.0.6 as server, the clients are about 10 NCD WinCenter
> (NT 3.51 multiuser, WinCenter 3.0.34 based on Citrix WinFrame 1.6)
> machines with about 70 concurrent users each and several WinCenter (as
> above) and NT Terminal Server (NT 4.0 multiuser with
> MetaFrame/WinCenter (X11 addon)) machines.
> The 2.0.6 smb.conf manpage says:
>        nt smb support (G)
>               This  boolean  parameter controls whether smbd will
>               negotiate NT specific SMB support with  Windows  NT
>               clients.  Although  this  is  a developer debugging
>               option and should be left alone,  benchmarking  has
>               discovered that Windows NT clients give faster per-
>               formance with this option  set  to  "no".  This  is
>               still  being investigated. If this option is set to
>               "no" then Samba offers exactly the same  SMB  calls
>               that  versions  prior  to  Samba2.0  offered.  This
>               information may be of use if any users  are  having
>               problems with NT SMB support.
>               Default:      nt support = yes
> Setting nt smb support =n causes visible changes.
> With =yes one smbd is startet for each client machine, whereas with
> =no one process runs for each user (and if she logs in from
> multiple client machines she gets in addition another process for each
> additional machine).
> In the multiuser NT case this means that =yes causes all file service
> connections for all users to be multiplexed via one daemon. Unless I'm
> wrong this implies one TCP connection. This might constitute a
> bottleneck and explain performance differences. OTOH I didn't do real
> performance tests yet.
> =yes caused log file = /var/log/samba/%U to fail. The user's log
> entries were shuffled around all logfiles. I didn't find a pattern.
> This might be a samba bug, but I heard of a potentially related
> observation: When printing from a WinCenter machine to another one
> acting as print server the jobs often arrive at the print server with
> the wrong user identity.
> 	Sven

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