2.0.7: unsolicited oplock break reply

Denis Sbragion sbragion at email.com
Thu May 4 07:08:02 GMT 2000


At 05.26 04/05/00 +1000, you wrote:
>I've used
>oplocks = no
>for a long time now, because of the famous "oplock_break" error, but I
>decided to give 2.0.7 a try.

I'm almost sure it's a client problem. We had similar problems with a 
customer and turned out it was a buggy hardware lpr print server (Ricoh in 
that case, but most of them are buggy) wich every now and then stopped 
responding to lpq request. Every client connected to that printer, either 
through Samba or directly, stopped responding to anything, even pings, not 
only oplock break requests, until lpq timeout. Some of the clients have 
been reinstalled from scratch just to track where the problems was.
         You know, Win95/98 have a special kind of multitask kernel which 
is able to do no more than *one* task at a time. Anything connected to a 
Win95/98 client that doesn't respond in a timely fashion could lead to this 
kind of problems.

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