race condition in smbclient/tar ?

Glenn Burkhardt glenn at aoi.ultranet.com
Wed May 3 19:26:24 GMT 2000

Is there a race condition in the tar function of smbclient?  I've noticed 
on occasion that I can't use the tar function on my system to read a tar
file on a tape created by smbclient (not a good sign for backups!).  

The tar command has this complaint:

-rw-r--r-- 0/0           47735 2000-05-03 12:15:12 ./Eudora/eudora.log
tar: Skipping to next file header

This time I tried using smbclient to read the tape - it complained at the same
place as my tar command:

restore tar file \junk\Eudora\eudora.log of size 47735 bytes
checksums don't match 0 11240
abandoning restore, -1 from read tar header

Presumably, the file changed during the copy.  So when/how does the checksum 
get computed?  Is it getting computed based on the size of the file when the
transfer starts, instead of based on the length of the file read?

Samba 2.0.6
Linux kernel 2.2.14 (Mandrake 7.0)

This all works fine if I exclude the file 'Eudora/eudora.log' during
creation of the tar file. (use 'X' option with -T)

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