2.0.7: unsolicited oplock break reply

Jim Watt jimw at peisj.pebio.com
Wed May 3 19:51:38 GMT 2000

--On 05/04/2000 5:26 AM +1000 Giulio Orsero wrote:
} [...]
} It's another one on another lan. It's
} used almost exclusively to store an MSMail PostOffice and personal
} mailbox (pst) files (Outlook97/98/2000 of 15/20 users point to it).
} - the client machines are all win9x.
} .. I know MSMail is bad, but it's not my choice :-))

Things would almost certainly get better if you switched those
over to IMAP4, which current Outlook Express and (I think!)
Outlook both support.  We have people here using Outlook and
Unix machines for EMAIL storage, but they're using POP/IMAP
for folder and message access, not Samba.

Old adage of mine...if you have a choice between client-server
and file access, pick client-server!

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