panic action

Lorenzo Rondelli Lorenzo_Rondelli at
Thu Mar 30 09:45:56 GMT 2000

I have samba 2.0.6 installed on unix-box with hp-ux 10.20
I'm working well but now I have a problem with "panic action"
My goal is to have a mail if the nmbd or smbd is down
In the globals setting I have :

panic action = echo hallo | mailx -s prova_panic name.surname at gate

where gate is my mail gateway
I'm sure that from the unix shell, the same command send a mail normally
I would like to know where is the mistake (probably in my configuration) bcause
if I kill nmbd or smbd (or either) nothing is sent to me.
For me the comand doesn't start but I'm not able to check this
thanks in advance

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