Printer shares question

Steve Litt slitt at
Thu Mar 23 15:33:26 GMT 2000

I'm not much of a proofreader, but your smb.conf looks good to me. Perhaps
it's one of those silly Windows Explorer browsing problems.

Try smbclient -NL servername from the console of the server, and see if you
see both printers there. If not, you know you've got something wrong in
your smb.conf, However, both show up there, you've got one of those little
browsing Network Neighborhood problems often solved by the preferred
master=yes parameter.

Steve Litt

At 02:00 AM 03/24/2000 +1100, Jonathan Bayer wrote:
>I checked the archives, but couldn't find this question:
>I have two printers set up on my RedHat Linux 6.1 box, called lp0 and lp1
(original, huh?).  Anyway, I want both of these printers to be visible 
>and browsable on the network.  I have the following relevant lines in my
smb.conf file:
>     printcap name = /etc/printcap
>     load printers = yes
>     [printers]
>          comment = All Printers
>          path = /var/spool/samba
>          browseable = no
>          public = yes
>          guest ok = yes
>          writable = no
>          printable = yes
>While I can net use to the printers, they don't show up in a net view or
when I look at the Network window on the Windows desktop.  Do I need 
>to specify each printer I want to be publicly visible, or am I missing

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