HP-Unix 10.20

Gunter Reinhard gunter.reinhard at cmg.de
Thu Mar 23 15:45:23 GMT 2000


since december 1999 we have successfully running Samba on HP-Unix 10.20 with
nmbd version 2.04b. Suddenly it's no longer possible to connect from Win9x
clients - a connect from NT-Clients still works, but connection establishing
is very slow.

Here is an excerpt from the log.smb file for a connect request from a Win95

	[2000/03/22 16:54:36, 3] smbd/process.c:(974)
	  priming nmbd
	[2000/03/22 16:54:51, 3] lib/util_sock.c:(645)
	  sending a packet of len 1 to ( on port 137 of type DGRAM
	[2000/03/22 16:54:51, 4] lib/time.c:(110)
	  Serverzone is -3600
	[2000/03/22 16:54:51, 3] smbd/process.c:(615)
	  Transaction 0 of length 72
	[2000/03/22 16:54:51, 2] smbd/reply.c:(95)
	  netbios connect: name1=CMGGE60          name2=DE-ESC-LAP4408 
	[2000/03/22 16:54:51, 5] smbd/connection.c:(127)
	  trying claim /var/opt/samba/locks STATUS. 100000
	[2000/03/22 16:54:51, 0] lib/util_sock.c:(889)
	  getpeername failed. Error was Invalid argument
	[2000/03/22 16:54:51, 5] smbd/reply.c:(147)
	  init msg_type=0x81 msg_flags=0x0
	[2000/03/22 16:54:51, 0] lib/util_sock.c:(415)
	  write_data: write failure. Error = Broken pipe
	[2000/03/22 16:54:51, 0] lib/util_sock.c:(190)
	  write_socket: Error writing 4 bytes to socket 4: ERRNO = Broken
	[2000/03/22 16:54:51, 0] lib/util_sock.c:(606)
	  Error writing 4 bytes to client. -1. Exiting

The Win95 client then shows a popup saying "\\Cmgge60 is not accessible. The
network is busy."

I performed the tests described in Diagnosis.txt. Test 1 to 4 succeeded. I
got problems with TEST 5 (nmblookup -B de-esc-lap4408 '*'): After 1 or 2
minutes the program exits with 

	Sending queries to *<00>

The IP-address is the one of the Samba server not the one of the client! The
same happens with a query for a NT client.

Is it a sudden name resolving problem? In this moment I have no idea how to
proceed. The problem arose over night - no configuration files have been
modified, everything looks like before - nevertheless something in our
network environment must have changed, but what?

Is there someone who has a usefull idea? That would be great!

Gunter Reinhard

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