Printer shares question

Steve Litt slitt at
Thu Mar 23 15:37:10 GMT 2000

Bill --

The browseable=no just prevents a share called "printers" from appearing in
the browse. Because [printers] is a special share, it reveals all printers
in printcap regardless of its browseable status. I learned this the hard
way :-)

Steve Litt

At 02:09 AM 03/24/2000 +1100, William R. Knox wrote:
>I do believe it's the 'browseable = no' parameter in your [printers]
>section that's doing this. Try setting it to yes and see what happens.
>Good luck!
>			Bill Knox
>			Senior Operating Systems Programmer/Analyst
>			The MITRE Corporation
>Jonathan Bayer wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I checked the archives, but couldn't find this question:
>> I have two printers set up on my RedHat Linux 6.1 box, called lp0 and
lp1 (original, huh?).  Anyway, I want both of these printers to be visible
>> and browsable on the network.  I have the following relevant lines in my
smb.conf file:
>>      printcap name = /etc/printcap
>>      load printers = yes
>>      [printers]
>>           comment = All Printers
>>           path = /var/spool/samba
>>           browseable = no
>>           public = yes
>>           guest ok = yes
>>           writable = no
>>           printable = yes
>> While I can net use to the printers, they don't show up in a net view or
when I look at the Network window on the Windows desktop.  Do I need
>> to specify each printer I want to be publicly visible, or am I missing
>> Thanks.
>> JBB

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