Domain logons across subnets

Jeff Thompson jeff at
Wed Mar 22 06:28:15 GMT 2000

Hello all.

I have a network with four subnets, across which samba cannot broadcast.
All of my servers are on one subnet, but I have several Win95
workstations on another subnet, and they need to be able to logon to the
samba server. I have domain logons configured and working correctly for
servers in the same subnet.

I can get it to work by specifying the WINS server in Win95, but
whenever any of the IP information is changed in windows it 'forgets'
the WINS server. This would be ok, except the security program we use
will not let users use the workstation without logging in, and if nobody
can log in we have no choice but to re-install windows (I know it sounds
stupid, but its true. AFAIK it's not possible to remove all of the keys
from the registry, there's too many).

I have tried connecting a linux box w/samba and putting it in the other
subnet and having the primary server remote announce/sync browse lists
with it, but that will not let me do domain logons.

I am sorry for posting to a list that I am not subscribed to, but I get
way too much email already and one more list would probably either kill
my mail server or kill me, so please CC replies to
jeff at

Thanks in advance -
-Jeff Thompson
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