Domenico Viggiani viggiani at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 17 16:19:41 GMT 2000

Dear Tobias,
I received your answer (and I thank you!) but my problem seems to be 
different: smbclient fails to copy ONLY 76th, 115th, 154th, ... file of a 

Other ideas? Suggestions?

Domenico Viggiani

>I wrote an answer last Tuesday, maybe it didn´t get through...
>I had something similar. The files that could not be copied turned out
>to be open files on NT. I don´t know WHY this won´t work but after I
>closed them (resp. stopped the services that kept them open) it worked.
>         Tobias
>Domenico Viggiani wrote:
> > Copying a (large) directory structure from a NT share, interactive
> > command:
> >     # smbclient //machine/share password
> >     >prompt
> >     >recurse
> >     >mget *
> > fails to copy 76th, 115th, 154th file of directories.

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