Cliff Rowley dozprompt at
Fri Mar 17 15:21:01 GMT 2000

> I have installed samba during installation of freebsd. It turned out not
> to install as the samba man pages suggest, nor did the freebsd ports
> collection. Does this create any particular changes in the smb.conf file
> or other configuration parameters, that I need to take care of.

Nothing wrong with the installation :)

> Does anyone have a smb.conf for the following simple situation. I am
> setting up a local network of 4 to 8 Win95 machines, a printer hooked to
> the ethernet, and a freebsd running samba to function as a printserver
> for the PC's. The freebsd machine can print fine at the moment. I like
> to get an example of how to configure the win95's and samba. Please,
> send me advice on how to set this up including explicit example smb.conf
> fiel and setup of the win95 network controllpanel that work together.

SWAT is a *great* tool btw.  To use is, first add the following line to
/etc/services (I added mine after accessbuilder 888/tcp):

swat		901/tcp

Then etc /etc/inetd.conf and add the following line:

swat	stream	tcp	nowait	root	/usr/local/sbin/swat	swat

Then killall -HUP inetd

Now fire up a web browser, and point it toward the machine you just setup
swat and samba on on port 901.  For example, my samba box is called


You will then be prompted for your username/password.  Be careful here -
if your LAN is not secure (i.e. you have other users on your LAN) your
password will be exposed on the LAN, and it's your root password.  If your
LAN is not secure, forget swat.

If it's ok, then enter your root username and password.  You will then be
looking at a web based Samba configuration tool, and it rocks.

That's configuring Samba sorted.  Onto the next problem.

> Do I need to create a particular user in the unix system for the
> pc-ursers. Normally, they will not have their own account on the freebsd
> machine.

Use smbpasswd.  They obviously need a password to access the shares, and
using smbpasswd means they dont have to have a system account.  Here's an

smbpasswd -a plonker

The -a flag means add.  You will then be prompted twice for the password
for that user (in this case, plonker).  'man smbpasswd' for more

That's it.  Your users will now have access to the smb shares.


Cliff Rowley

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