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Well, I have acturally spent a couple of hours in front of swat, filling the
different fields for the globals. Tried to use setup the printers,
but there are no printers to choose from though I have set up one printer on
my freebsd. Unfortunately, I have no previous kvowledge on administrating PCs
so I rather like to have an explicit example to copy, than having to choose
the value of som 20+ parameters whthout understanding their meaning, even
after reading about them in the man smb.conf pages. Do the users really need
access to shares in order to print?


Cliff Rowley wrote:

> > I have installed samba during installation of freebsd. It turned out not
> > to install as the samba man pages suggest, nor did the freebsd ports
> > collection. Does this create any particular changes in the smb.conf file
> > or other configuration parameters, that I need to take care of.
> Nothing wrong with the installation :)
> > Does anyone have a smb.conf for the following simple situation. I am
> > setting up a local network of 4 to 8 Win95 machines, a printer hooked to
> > the ethernet, and a freebsd running samba to function as a printserver
> > for the PC's. The freebsd machine can print fine at the moment. I like
> > to get an example of how to configure the win95's and samba. Please,
> > send me advice on how to set this up including explicit example smb.conf
> > fiel and setup of the win95 network controllpanel that work together.
> SWAT is a *great* tool btw.  To use is, first add the following line to
> /etc/services (I added mine after accessbuilder 888/tcp):
> swat            901/tcp
> Then etc /etc/inetd.conf and add the following line:
> swat    stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/local/sbin/swat    swat
> Then killall -HUP inetd
> Now fire up a web browser, and point it toward the machine you just setup
> swat and samba on on port 901.  For example, my samba box is called
> merlin:
> http://merlin:901
> You will then be prompted for your username/password.  Be careful here -
> if your LAN is not secure (i.e. you have other users on your LAN) your
> password will be exposed on the LAN, and it's your root password.  If your
> LAN is not secure, forget swat.
> If it's ok, then enter your root username and password.  You will then be
> looking at a web based Samba configuration tool, and it rocks.
> That's configuring Samba sorted.  Onto the next problem.
> > Do I need to create a particular user in the unix system for the
> > pc-ursers. Normally, they will not have their own account on the freebsd
> > machine.
> Use smbpasswd.  They obviously need a password to access the shares, and
> using smbpasswd means they dont have to have a system account.  Here's an
> example:
> smbpasswd -a plonker
> The -a flag means add.  You will then be prompted twice for the password
> for that user (in this case, plonker).  'man smbpasswd' for more
> information.
> That's it.  Your users will now have access to the smb shares.
> Cliff Rowley
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