Per Arve Per.Arve at
Fri Mar 17 14:37:17 GMT 2000

I have installed samba during installation of freebsd. It turned out not
to install as the samba man pages suggest, nor did the freebsd ports
collection. Does this create any particular changes in the smb.conf file
or other configuration parameters, that I need to take care of.

Does anyone have a smb.conf for the following simple situation. I am
setting up a local network of 4 to 8 Win95 machines, a printer hooked to
the ethernet, and a freebsd running samba to function as a printserver
for the PC's. The freebsd machine can print fine at the moment. I like
to get an example of how to configure the win95's and samba. Please,
send me advice on how to set this up including explicit example smb.conf
fiel and setup of the win95 network controllpanel that work together.

Do I need to create a particular user in the unix system for the
pc-ursers. Normally, they will not have their own account on the freebsd

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