MAR 14 CVS, smbclient mput problem on AIX 4.2

Steve Williams steve at
Fri Mar 17 08:29:51 GMT 2000


There is a problem with smbclient mput ( maybe more, I haven't checked ) with 
the SAMBA CVS I checked out on March 14, 2000.

The problem will manifest itself on systems that don't support -maxdepth
on the find command.  (AIX being one of them ).

I compared source/client.c between 2.0.6 and the cvs.

The problem is in:

static void cmd_mput(void)

When recurse=false

Version 2.0.6
				 "/bin/ls %s > %s",p,tmpname);

CVS as of March 14/2000
		"find . -maxdepth 1 -name \"%s\" -print > %s",p,tmpname);

AIX 4.2 does not support the -maxdepth paramater to find, and thus the
find command returns nothing.  Bummer...

Is there any reason why ls & find are being used, rather than a simple
opendir/readdir/closedir type of thing?  Portability?  

Whatever... I don't know what a proper solution, so I will just put this
to the list & hopefully the powers that be will see it.

Thanks for the fantastic work!! ,
	Steve Williams, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
	Genie Computer Systems Inc.
	steve at

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