nmbd strangeness with 2.0.6

Glen Gibb grg at ridley.unimelb.edu.au
Fri Mar 17 06:28:04 GMT 2000

Hi all,

  I finally upgrded Samba to 2.0.6 last night. After doing so, I have
observed some strange behaviour.

  First of all, although domain master, local master and preferred master
are all set to true, the server running samba fails to become the local
master browser on one subnet (succeeds on another subnet though). The
messages from the log file are as follows:

[2000/03/16 22:08:50, 0]
  register_name_response: server at IP rejected our name
registration of RIDLEY<1d> with error code 6.
[2000/03/16 22:08:50, 0]
  become_local_master_fail2: failed to register name RIDLEY<1d> on subnet Failed to become a local master browser.
[2000/03/16 22:08:50, 0]
  standard_fail_register: Failed to register/refresh name RIDLEY<1d> on

One particular host seems to reject the attempt to become the local
master, although it suceeds with 2.0.5a with the same config file. The
host that returns error code 6 is a WinNT 4 box.

The second problem that occurs is to do with the interfaces line. If I
have appearing in the interfaces line, then all broadcast
packets sent by nmbd to register the host (these are broadcast packets)
have the source address set to!!!! Obviously, sending packets
with isn't going to be too meaningful, and my packet filter
blocks them anyway.

Is it still important to place in the interfaces line if you use
bind interfaces only  = true (the man page says that a few things, such as
swat and I think smbstatus or smbclient may not work correctly if you
don't include the address)?

Thanks in advance

Glen Gibb

IT Co-ordinator
Ridley College

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