Really Wacky Problem!

Jim Watt jimw at
Tue Mar 14 03:02:26 GMT 2000

--On 03/13/2000 6:27 PM -0800 Mukesh Vadgama wrote:

} Thanks for the response.
} I have no netbios name set specifically in smb.conf, there is a DNS
} entry for zeus called "zeus". Other systems Sol 2.5 and Sol 2.6 work
} fine with a older samba, using no "netbios name". I just copied the
} the global part of the smb.conf, onto zeus it looks like this:
} [...]

The next thing I'd try is either tcpdump or a sniffer looking
at traffic to/from port 139 (netbios session service) on zeus
and see if you can tell what's failing.  The suspicious part
is that "Called name not present" is an active response.

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