Samba 'stops' access to a file

Elizabeth Taylor emtaylor at
Thu Mar 9 17:36:42 GMT 2000

I am running Samba on Solaris 2.6 and am connecting to it 
from Windows NT4.0.  Whilst running some Access software 
the database is initially accessed without problem but part 
way through processing I get the report that the database 
file cannot be accessed since it is exclusively opened by 
another user.  I cannot then read the database at all until 
I log out of Windows then back in.  All is then well for a 
while.  The number of times which I can access the database 
before I get the error message again seems to be decreasing.

There is no problem with the software when the database is 
on a local drive.  Nor is there if the database is put on 
to an IRIX machine with Samba.

Any comments please?
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