Authentication failure question.

Henri J. Schlereth henris at
Thu Mar 9 17:15:00 GMT 2000

I am running Samba 2.0.6 and have had this minor nagging problem
since v1.9.X. Every time a Win95 client accesses a share on the
Samba box I get the following message in syslog(/var/log/messages)

Mar  9 11:03:46 kesrith PAM_pwdb[31604]: authentication failure; (uid=0) -> 
henris for samba service

The client does get thru and is not denied access but the message does
pop up. They do have an account on the Samba box, and the passwords
are identical. There is no encryptation employed as this is an
internal network. The Win95 boxes are all 95a/SP1 with PLUS installed.

I do not employ smbpasswd or a usermap, and I can duplicate this on
all of my samba machines (4) with 2 Win95 clients.

This is just an itch not a problem.

Henri J. Schlereth
"The Geezer Geek"

P.S. I get the digest version so please feel free to cc me directly at
henris at

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