ANNOUNCE: alternate mail archive site

Peter Samuelson peter at
Sat Jun 24 10:31:22 GMT 2000

I really dislike ListProcessor, the mailing list software
uses.  There's a lot of reasons, most having to do with header
rewriting, but that's not the point of this message.

One thing I don't like is its list archive feature.  The archives are
hard to navigate, and the threading is atrocious.  I'm accustomed to
MHonArc-generated archives, like they use at and  Call me a bigot but I can't figure out why the rest
of the world hasn't switched to MHonArc yet. (:

So, for those times when I must browse archives rather than using my
MUA, I finally got around to setting up a MHonArc server.  I'm
announcing it here because there may be one or two other souls out
there who also hate Those Other List Archive Programs.  If any of you
happen to be one of these, by all means set a bookmark for:

Well, correction, I'm *getting* around to it.  It isn't getting a live
procmail feed yet, but I fed all my old mboxes into it and that works.
So for the next day or so it'll be slightly out of date.  Also my
mboxes only go back to last November, and I haven't figured out an easy
way to import the old ListProcessor archives yet.

What, you say, an archive site without a search button?  Well, I still
need to find a search engine that doesn't feel the need to reindex the
*entire* web site every night.  Have those search engine people heard
of the concept of "incremental update"?  ht://Dig, from what I've seen
so far, hasn't.  In which case I just don't have the CPU (not to
mention I/O bandwidth) for it.  This is a US$250 peecee.


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