subnet browsing

Kim J. Brand kim at
Sat Jun 24 09:51:18 GMT 2000

we have samba [mostly] working in a VPN application connecting two Mandrake
subnets using SSH.

if all machines define the same workgroup name, and we define a single
domain master browser, (with the other subnet defined as a preferred,
local, master browser,) and a single WINS server, after a little while, all
shares are visible to all WIN9x machines.  this samba stuff is fantastic!

2 questions: 

1. we want to define multiple workgroups.  should there be as many domain
master browsers?
2. is there any way to 'force' an election and all that name exchange/sync
stuff?  after restarting NMBD and SMBD to effect changes it's like watching
a pot boil.

as usual,

many thanks for your fine work.


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