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Mon Jun 12 16:28:32 GMT 2000

Peter Samuelson wrote:
> [Andreas Gruenbacher <a.gruenbacher at>]
> > Now people keep asking me over and over again about ACL support in
> > Samba. Is there any working code yet? Which platforms are you going
> > to support?
> They keep asking you because we keep pointing them to your site.
> HP wanted to ship Samba with their OS.  To gain both functionality and
> credibility, they wrote an ACL implementation for Samba that works on
> HP-UX and is relatively modular so it can be adapted for other Unices.

I hope the code really is very modular. HP-UX ACLs are completely different from
everybody else's ACLs. At least Irix, Solaris and Linux (and probably others,
too) support the Posix ACL model (with small differences, since implementations
are based on different versions of the draft).

> Jeremy Allison is putting this code into an upcoming release, and has
> said publicly that he wants to support, if possible, Linux via your
> work.

Sounds great. I will take a look at the implementation as soon as it's

I think it's best to code to a subset of the Posix ACL library functions
specified in Posix 1003.1e DS17
(<>). Irix implements part of
that library; Linux ACLs support the complete library. FreeBSD will also support
thee functions. The Linux ACL library code can easily be ported to Solaris etc.
This will give Samba ACL support on a range of systems with a single

> > I'd be very interested in Linux ACL support in Samba. If any of you
> > guys want to discuss ACL issues, feel free to use the Majordomo list
> > <acl-devel at>, email me, etc.
> Conversely, you might keep an eye on <samba-technical at> --
> although, if you crosspost threads to there, be aware that the Samba
> list daemon strips out CC information, so people who only read
> samba-technical won't know where to crosspost their replies.

Thanks. I've already subscribed to that one.


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