A newbie question

Fabien.LIOU at tcc.thomson-csf.com Fabien.LIOU at tcc.thomson-csf.com
Thu Jun 8 12:54:28 GMT 2000


I'm experiencing a strange behavior when joining an NT domain.

My configuration is a Sun workstation under Solaris8 with samba2.0.7.

My share for testing is named : " myshare ".

I want to put my samba server in the domain called NTSSIC and use encrypted
passwords. So i used swat to do this.

I followed the " HowTo " (stop daemons, use server manager under NT PDC,
launch smbpasswd -j NTSSIC -r PDC_name and restart daemons).

If the file smbpasswd exists and contains a line with " root " account -> It
works (but it's not automatic, i have to log one time with root login).
If i remove smbpasswd to use Nt accounts and PDC authentication, the samba
server is never saw in my domain. Even if i reproduce the " HowTo ", it says
" joined NTSSIC " but in reality it doesn't appear  in the domain (domain :
unknown). Any NT users are not able to mount " myshare " and when "
smbpasswd " exists only those who are in this file can mount it..

So can anyone could explain me what i missed ?



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