Number of workgroups allowed in Samba smb.conf file

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Tue Jul 18 15:13:51 GMT 2000

"Hawks, Steven L" wrote:
> We still have questions regarding installing Samba to allow Windows 95/98/NT
> clients to access a Sun Server running Solaris 2.6.
> One of the problems I anticipate is we have a large company with many
> workgroups.
> And we will need to allow members from different workgroups to access the
> Sun Server.
> Is it possible to add more than one workgroup in the smb.conf file?

	Alas, no: this isn't supported.  (I assumed it was,
	but it didn't work when I and another correspondant tried!)

	What is supported is providing lots of services 
	from large (by comparison to a PC) servers, and
	providing aliases for servers, so that if someone
	wants "accounting" and connects to that server, they
	get all the accounting shares.

	One scenario goes like this: you announce a new
	"general" workgroup.  When a client browses that workgroup,
	they see a cloud of servers, one of which has the same
	name as their old workgroup, say "accounting".  When
	they select accounting, they see the same set of
	shares they did on the master server of the old
	accounting workgroup.

	Alternately, if the workgroups are on different subnets
	(very common/normal), and the sun has interfaces on
	the subnets (also common), then you can run one copy
	of samba per interface, each with a different workgroup
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