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Wayne wayne99 at
Tue Jul 18 15:45:10 GMT 2000

Leon McClatchey wrote:

> Hello, I caught your message in the samba mailing list, and it sounded like you
> are running along the same lines that I am here:-)
> There are a couple of differences, I am running Samba 2.0.6 under Suse 6.4 and
> I use it to network with a Win2000 box.  I haven't even looked at Samba 2.0.7
> yet, but I can tell you that (at least with Win2000 which is nt5.0), once you
> have the shares defined on the Win Box you can access those same shares (as
> root) by using "mount -t smbfs -o username=user,password=secret .//host/share
> /mountpoint".

Sounds good. It seems Redhat 6.2 also has kernel support for smbfs file system type
so it should work on my system. I've got to resolve access rights and password
problems which is what I'm working on now.

> In fact, I set up a bash script which allows me to do a virus scan of the win
> box from the linux box on a regular basis:-)  I've also got another bash script
> that allows me to type in "win mount c" to access the c-share on the win box:-)
> The only thing I haven't gotten around yet is that all of this can only be done
> as the superuser under linux:-)

It takes root permission to mount however you may be able to set some options in
/etc/fstab which allow any user to mount after the file system is defined in fstab.
(I've done this with floppy and CDrom drives). You could also have it mounted at
boot time and let it go at that.

I've done tons of bash and ksh shell programming. What are you using to do the
virus scan within a shell script? That sounds like a good way to go because the
Linux box can do the virus scans without using cpu and memory resources on the NT
box. I like it.

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