Gerald Schulz gerald.schulz at
Mon Jan 31 15:11:19 GMT 2000

Dear folks,

We are running SAMBA (2.0.5.a) in a test-enviroment using an IBM Risc
6000 / 370 (AIX 4.3.2) as server. The frontends are pc's running NT 4.0

Is it possible to connect from one frontend to the same share as two
different users (with different passwords and privileges)?

The connection works out perfectly for every single user but when we try
to connect one user after the other we get the error code: "Die
angegebenen Referenzen passen nicht zu einer bestehenden Referenzmenge"
- sorry, but the machine is only talking German.

Any idea, any hint will be welcomed

All the best,

Gerald Schulz
gerald.schulz at

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