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Mon Jan 31 15:21:26 GMT 2000

Gerald Schulz wrote:
> Dear folks,
> We are running SAMBA (2.0.5.a) in a test-enviroment using an IBM Risc
> 6000 / 370 (AIX 4.3.2) as server. The frontends are pc's running NT 4.0
> (SP6).
> Is it possible to connect from one frontend to the same share as two
> different users (with different passwords and privileges)?
> The connection works out perfectly for every single user but when we try
> to connect one user after the other we get the error code: "Die
> angegebenen Referenzen passen nicht zu einer bestehenden Referenzmenge"
> - sorry, but the machine is only talking German.
> Any idea, any hint will be welcomed
> All the best,

You must connect each new user to a different netBIOS name for the 
server. This is a limitation of NT not samba. The error you get in
english is "The credentials supplied conflict with an existing set
of credentials." If you only want 2 users the second can always
connect to \\<IP address of machine>\<share name> instead of
\\<netbios name of machine>\<share name>

You could set up multiple netBIOS names using "netbios alias" 
parameter in smb.conf

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