Name Resolve Order?

Christian Brink cbrink at
Wed Jan 26 18:55:17 GMT 2000

> I am a little confused.  In the smb.conf man page under the "name resolve
> order" section, it states that setting "name resolve order = wins" will be
> ignored if the "wins server" parameter is not set.  Elsewhere in the man
> page it states that if you set "wins support = yes" then you
> cannot set the
> wins server parameter.  Does this mean that a machine that is acting as a
> wins server cannot use wins in the name resolve order?  I am
> asking because
> I am using Win98 clients and one RedHat 6.1 Server and I do not
> want to have
> to manually maintain the lmhosts file, and the man page states
> that bcast is
> not very reliable.  Is there some other method I am overlooking,
> or a way to
> get wins to work?

Ok, I think the thing you seem to be confused about is the the parameter
'wins server' this parameter sets the address of a WINS server to poll. So
if you set up the server you are working on to be a WINS server (by enabling
'wins support') you should not poll another WINS server (which excludes the
use of the 'wins server' parameter and the value wins in the 'name resolve
order' parameter).

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