Name Resolve Order?

Keith Muska kmuska at
Wed Jan 26 17:42:32 GMT 2000

I am a little confused.  In the smb.conf man page under the "name resolve
order" section, it states that setting "name resolve order = wins" will be
ignored if the "wins server" parameter is not set.  Elsewhere in the man
page it states that if you set "wins support = yes" then you cannot set the
wins server parameter.  Does this mean that a machine that is acting as a
wins server cannot use wins in the name resolve order?  I am asking because
I am using Win98 clients and one RedHat 6.1 Server and I do not want to have
to manually maintain the lmhosts file, and the man page states that bcast is
not very reliable.  Is there some other method I am overlooking, or a way to
get wins to work?

Thanks in advance.

Keith Muska
Clements Mfg., L.L.C.

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