core-dumps whith hp-ux 11.0 64-bit-architecture (hp-ux patch)

Peter.Lingen at Peter.Lingen at
Wed Jan 26 06:54:42 GMT 2000

samba 2.0.6 anh hp-ux compiled with hp ansi-c works fine for me with w9x and nt4 sp4 clients.
seems to be little slower as my previous 2.0.4b.
but nt4 and sp6 doesent work, PANIC failed to set uid.
this problen is decribed by dsiebert at,his patch is very nice and works for me under hp-ux 10.2 and 11.0.
patch is available under --------> accepted
after installing thich patch, everything works great for me with good performance.
thanks to dsiebert for this!

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