Samba 2.0.6 on SCO Unix 5.0.5

Denis Caron denis at
Wed Jan 26 01:19:06 GMT 2000

We seem to be experiencing some problems with Samba 2.0.6 on SCO Unix
Openserver 5.0.5.

I'm wondering if anybody else is using this version of Samba on SCO. I used
an older version 3 years ago and rarely had a problem. I just installed this
version and am experiencing an annoying problem:

We use windows 95, 98 and NT4.0 (SP3/SP6) workstations. All passwords are
set to clear text. The samba server is not set as a domain controller, so
we're using the  Unix passwords to accept/reject users. smbd and nmbd are
started at boot time, not with inetd.

The problem mainly occurs with windows 95 machines: all users are repeatedly
prompted for their passwords: it does not appear to be kept in the cache.
Occasionally the user will also be refused writing to a file that he/she
just wrote to ??

The problem also occurs with windows NT systems, although in a slightly
different fashion. I do keep a share mounted permanently on the NT machine,
so it remembers the password there - once I've entered it when I logon to
NT. However, I will experience problems with writing files, or occasionally
evern reading files from the NT server. In certain cases, my whole NT system
appears to lock-up. If I check the Unix/Samba server, I find that a whole
bunch of smbd processes were started up, as if the connection was attempted

Right around that same time, I see the following error in the log for that
  32 bit error packet at line 1396 cmd=160 (SMBnttrans) eclass=c0000120
Unknown error (32,49152)]

Is the error related? What can I do about it?
Is anyone else using this version of Samba on SCO Openserver 5.0.5?
What is the latest Samba release you are using, without any problems, on

Thanks a bunch

Denis Caron
Smith Travel Research
denis at
denis at

Denis Caron
Smith Travel Research
denis at
denis at

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