98 machines not visible from NT

Rajiv Shivane shivane at me.umn.edu
Wed Jan 26 08:35:43 GMT 2000

Hello all!

I am facing a problem with my samba installation and was wondering if
anyone has faced a similar problem and if there is a solution to it.

We have couple of NT worsktations and 98 machines on our network with
SAMBA on Linux as our PDC. Everything works amazingly great except that
when I log onto the network from a NT workstation I can NOT browse into 
the 98 machines. But however if I logon as the administrator of the
NT workstation, I CAN browse the 98 machines. For all other combinations
browsing seems to work fine.

Is this because of some faulty configuration or is it an unsupported
feature? I would greatly appreciate it if someone can shed more light
on this. The samba version is 2.0.5 and linux ver is RedHat 6.1


Rajiv Shivane

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