Remote win98 refusing to connect to samba server

John LeMay jlemay at
Mon Jan 24 00:08:44 GMT 2000

This is actually a well known problem with Win98, however I do not have
the actual fix handy. There are a couple of things to try, however.
First, delete any files with the "pwl" extention in the Windows
directory (assuming this is where Windows is installed). Reboot. If you
still have no logon prompt, try incorporating the attached reg file into
your registry. 

If that doesn't work, I'm sure someone here probably knows the correct
bit to flip. I thought it was somewhere in the neighborhood of
HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\VxD\VNETSUP, however I can't seem
to find the key.

Elias Lofgren wrote:
> Mikkel L. Ellertson <mikkel at> wrote:
> >Do you get a login prompt when you start Windows 98?  This is normaly
> >where you log in.  If you do not get the prompt, go to the control
> >panel, select networking, and add client for Microsoft network.
> No, I am not getting the login prompt, but I do have Microsoft Network
> client enabled.  Originally the box had something called "Microsoft
> Family" installed as a network client, but I deleted it (assuming that
> "client for MS Network" would be sufficient).
> >From the sounds of things, you it is probably not installed.
> >Also, check that the primary network logon is Client for Microsoft
> >Network.
> Yes, the primary network logon is set to "Client for Microsoft Network".
> >You can also check the start menu, to see if it offers a logon option.
> >I know when you are logged into a network, it offers a logoff option.
> >(I would test it now, but I need the network connection...)
> >
> >Mikkel
> Yes, I get the logoff option ("Log off USER" in the Start menu)
> I have set up the new machine just like the others we have, the only
> difference is that this is the first Windows 98 box (all the others are
> Windows 95).
> Regards,
> Elias

John LeMay Jr.
Senior Enterprise Consultant

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"PrimaryProvider"="Microsoft Network"

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