Remote win98 refusing to connect to samba server

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Mon Jan 24 03:07:08 GMT 2000

At 09:15 AM 1/24/00 +1100, Elias Lofgren wrote:
>Mikkel L. Ellertson <mikkel at> wrote:
>>Do you get a login prompt when you start Windows 98?  This is normaly
>>where you log in.  If you do not get the prompt, go to the control
>>panel, select networking, and add client for Microsoft network.
>No, I am not getting the login prompt, but I do have Microsoft Network
>client enabled.  Originally the box had something called "Microsoft
>Family" installed as a network client, but I deleted it (assuming that
>"client for MS Network" would be sufficient). 
>>From the sounds of things, you it is probably not installed.
>>Also, check that the primary network logon is Client for Microsoft
>Yes, the primary network logon is set to "Client for Microsoft Network".
>>You can also check the start menu, to see if it offers a logon option.
>>I know when you are logged into a network, it offers a logoff option.
>>(I would test it now, but I need the network connection...)
>Yes, I get the logoff option ("Log off USER" in the Start menu)
>I have set up the new machine just like the others we have, the only
>difference is that this is the first Windows 98 box (all the others are
>Windows 95).
Well, if all else fails, you can try the standard windows fix - remove
the Client for Microsoft Networks, reboot, and re-install it.  I know
it works well for printer problems, so it may help...

Maybe some day I'll understand windows...


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